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Free Real Estate Training Materials 

We currently offer three online courses for free: a comprehensive Excel training course and two free real estate financial modelling case studies designed to prepare learners for job interviews, financial modelling tests and assessment centers at real estate private equity firms  

In today's competitive real estate investment landscape, having a solid grasp of financial modelling and Excel is crucial for success. The Real Estate Investment Academy (REIA) recognizes this need and is proud to offer a series of comprehensive and free online courses that provide students with essential skills in Excel and financial modelling. These courses are not just educational but are designed with a clear purpose: to help students secure jobs in the commercial real estate industry and thrive in their careers. The courses are specifically designed to help students prepare for job interviews assessment centres and financial modelling tests at real estate firms.

With over 10 hours of combined  Excel and real estate financial modelling training, these free online courses offer a robust basis for learners to develop the skills to master financial modelling tests at real estate private equity firms.  The three courses are all taught via easy-to-follow video lessons and students will to gain access to all support files including the Excel based financial models and presentation materials. The courses are taught by industry professionals with prior experience at big private equity firms including Blackstone. This means that students will learn how the best real estate private equity firms analyze real estate transactions and build financial models. 

applied financial modelling course

Master best-in-class financial modelling techniques and power up your finance career with industry-best practices in Excel. This course teaches you everything you need to know to become a world-class financial modeller.


Build a complex buy-out real estate model of via a case study  of a value-add real estate investment opportunity. The case study includes two tenants on short leases and a capex programme. (capex) program.

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