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World-Class Real Estate 
Financial Modelling & Investment Courses


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Real Estate Financial Modelling & Investment Courses 

The courses are structured as a complete package so that learners can develop a holistic understanding of real estate investing from the most important theories to building advanced financial models. 


Master best-in-class financial modelling techniques and power up your finance career with industry-best practices in Excel. This course teaches you everything you need to know to become a world-class financial modeller.


Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Video Recordings: 7.5 hours

Build a well-rounded foundation of real estate and discover how the most prestigious investment firms analyse real estate transactions. This course teaches the most important theories and concepts of real estate investing.


Level: Beginner - Intermediate

Video Recordings: 4.5 hours


This course covers the most important valuation tools including relative, DCF and LBO valuations as well as more advanced techniques. It provides invaluable insights into how industry experts apply valuations in real world-scenarios.


                             Level: Intermediate

                   Video Recordings: 3.0 hours

In this case study based financial modelling course, you will learn how to build an intermediate leveraged buy-out (LBO) financial model from scratch by using an actual transaction. You will also learn how the most prestigious investment firms analyse real estate investment opportunities and build financial models.


Level: Advanced

Video Recordings: 10.5 hours

Take your financial modelling skills to the next level by completing this case study based financial modelling course. In this course you will learn how to build an advanced LBO (leveraged buy-out) financial model from scratch via easy-to-follow video lessons by using an actual transaction.


                   Level: Beginner - Advanced

                  Video Recordings: 32.5 hours

Sign up for the complete REIA course package and receive an exclusive 20% discount. This offer includes all five REIA courses, taking you from beginner to pro.

About Us

The Real Estate Investment Academy (REIA) 

We deliver world-class real estate investment and financial modelling courses designed to equip students and finance professionals with the skills to secure a job and turbocharge a career in commercial real estate.


Our Mission

Welcome to the Real Estate Investment Academy (REIA), an online educational platform with a singular mission: to provide best-in-class online real estate courses that empower students, graduates, and finance professionals with the practical skills and insights required to thrive in the highly competitive real estate industry.

steffen kluners REIA founder

Online Real Estate Courses

Traditional education often fails to equip individuals with the practical knowledge necessary to excel in real-world scenarios. That's why our courses go beyond textbook theories, ensuring participants acquire the know-how and expertise required in their professional lives. The course content focuses on hands-on skills that are directly applicable in the workplace. We provide the tools, techniques, and insider knowledge that will give you a distinct advantage to propel your career forward. 

Steffen Kluners - Founder of REIA
12+ years private equity experience 
(past employment includes Blackstone) 
Head Instructor of the Real Estate Investment Programme at Oxford University


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Our course curriculum encompasses the fundamental concepts and advanced strategies the world's most prestigious institutions employ to analyse real estate transactions. From Excel training courses and advanced financial modelling to property valuation, risk assessment, market cycles and investment strategies, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the entire investment process, setting you apart from other candidates and boosting your employability.

The real estate investment academy (REIA)
real estate investment course REIA

Course Highlights


Our course content has progressive difficulty and teaches industry-best practices used by leading investment firms, taking participants from beginner to pro-level.

We offer free access to the Applied Financial Modelling course (REIA Course 1), which comprises over 6.5 hours of video lessons on financial modelling techniques and Excel tricks. The course also includes free (discounted-cash-flow) DCF and (leveraged buy-out) LBO valuation models with several case studies. 


Immersive & Interactive
Learning Experience

The courses are taught by Steffen Kluners, industry expert with over 12 years of private equity experience, including at Blackstone. In the REIA courses, Steffen shares the knowledge and skills he acquired throughout his professional career. This means that you will learn how the best institutional investors in the world analyse real estate investment opportunities and build financial models.

Industry-best Practices

Value for Money

The courses are attractively priced, costing a fraction of traditional online university classes. The content prioritises commercially relevant materials, ensuring participants learn what matters without spending a fortune or studying for weeks.


Entire financial modelling course for free


Proven Results

Many of our students have successfully secured jobs at prestigious investment banks and private equity firms. In this video Sofia shares her experiences:

The course content is delivered via immersive and engaging video lessons. We incorporate practice tests and quizzes throughout each course, testing your understanding and cementing your knowledge.

Completion Certificate

We provide a certificate upon each course completion, helping you stand out when job hunting. You can also highlight the certificate on job applications and promote it on social media platforms.

Case Studies

Throughout the courses, you will delve into case studies based on real-world scenarios, analysing actual transactions. This experiential learning approach will develop your critical thinking skills, sharpen your problem-solving abilities, and give you the confidence to navigate complex real estate investment landscapes.

applied modelling certificate

Life-time Access &

Our courses allow you to learn at your own pace and convenience. You can access the materials, lectures, and assignments from anywhere, anytime. This is also why we subtitled or tutorials in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Hindi. What's more, to ensure the highest-quality educational experience, our courses are regularly updated to reflect the latest trends and industry-best practices.


Refund Policy

We offer a no-questions-asked refund policy within the first 72 hours of signing up for any of our courses. Just e-mail, and we will process your refund immediately.

No-questions-asked refund policy

REIA Mobile App

All content can be accessed via our REIA mobile app, so you can learn on the go, providing a more user-friendly experience.

Real estate investment course mobile app

Unlock your potential and start the REIA courses today. 
Enrol now for an educational experience that will shape your future in commercial real estate investments. 

Expert Opinion

“As a real estate recruiter in London, I see many candidates, including junior to mid-level professionals from top banks who want to break into the investment industry but fail in assessment centres and financial modelling tests. What sets REIA apart is that it has real practical applications and teaches candidates exactly what they need to secure a job in the real estate investing industry.”

—  Jamie McCord  — 
Real estate investment recruitment and
executive search  

James McCord REIA review

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